Steel Stand for DIY Wood Wrap - Email for 15% OFF!

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Our steel stands are built with 1.5"x1.5", 2"x2" and 2"x4", 1/8" to 3/16" wall tube depending on size of aquarium. All steel stands are coated with an epoxy marine grade primer that provides better rust protection than powder coating.

Aquariums used with all our metal stands qualify for the extended 5-year warranty.



Stands are shipped fully assembled. Price includes delivery to freight terminal or a business location with fork lift. Upgrade to residential curbside delivery available.



Panel Mounting Tabs: Add tabs to mount panels to the outside of the metal frame, or add shelves inside the frame. ($3 per tab.)

Top and Bottom Deck: Cut and fit your own top and bottom deck for the stand, or have us do it for you using super-sturdy, 13-ply Baltic birch. (Top deck included for stands purchased with our tanks. For stands purchased separately, cost of matching top and bottom decks is $120 for stands up to 48", and $160 for stands over 48".)

Electric Panel: Add a plywood electric panel on one of the short sides of your stand which you can use to mount equipment away from the sump compartment. The plywood is easily drilled should you need mounting points or holes for routing your wires.

Leveling Feet: By default, we use stainless leveling feet with a 3-1/8" diameter base and rubber cushion. Load capacity 2,250 lbs per foot. These feet are priced at $30 each, and most stands require between 4 and 8. If you wish to save on the price of the leveling feet, you are welcome to make your own choice and send in the leveling feet you would like attached to the stand.

Additional Height: Our default stand height is 36". The price indicated is for stands 30"-36" tall. Taller stands available at an upcharge.

Additional Design Elements: Add aluminum or plywood shelves, sliding rails, cord management channels, and other features.