120 Gallon Crystal Reef Aquarium with Shadow Overflow, Modern Stand

120 Gallon Crystal Reef Aquarium with Shadow Overflow, Modern Stand

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Aquarium volume: 120 gallons

Dimensions: 48"x24"x24" (LxWxH)

Glass thickness: 1/2" glass, diamond-edge polished

Glass options: Clear glass or Ultra-Clear Starphire

Eurobrace: 1/2" thick, 4" wide, diamond-edge polished; Starphire bracing used on Starphire tanks.  

Stand-ready padding: 1/8" hard PVC foam 

Silicone: Black

Reinforcement features: Bottom perimeter brace; Reinforced vertical seams

Overflow: 16" Shadow overflow, centered on back panel

Returns: (2) holes on the back panel for 3/4" Loc-line returns

Stand: 36" tall deck, either flush or recessed

Stand style variations: Customize the look of your modern stand at no extra charge. Image shown is Cardiff stand with contrast doors. Alternative styles (Solana, Sydney, Newport) shown in additional images. (Note: Newport stand not available with side doors or electric panel. )

Wood: Baltic Birch plywood used in all structural elements. Maple solid and plywood used on face and doors. We do not use any MDF -- ever.

Finish: Choose from white, black, or custom stain. (Note: stains recommended for Sydney style only)

Sump: Choose one of Trigger Systems 3- or 4-chamber sumps. The Sapphire sump may be substituted with an Emerald or Amethyst sump. Learn more about Trigger Systems sumps at www.triggersys.com

Plumbing: We can pre-assemble and include a full plumbing kit for your system in various colors (blue, red, black, orange, green, purple).


•  Add matching 9"-15" canopy: +$445 to $550

•  Add side door and electric panel: +$90

Use our Contact Form to inquire about adding the custom options to your order.


Crystal Dynamic aquariums are covered by a 1-year limited warranty (2 years if purchased and used with our stand). Please refer to our User Manual for the rules and best practices of aquarium handling and maintenance.