Crystal Reef Eurobraced Aquarium with Stand: 120 to 260 Gallons

Crystal Reef Eurobraced Aquarium with Stand: 120 to 260 Gallons

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These are only some of the standard sizes we offer. We can build your tank and stand to any custom size with up to a 1/4" accuracy.

PENINSULA UPGRADE: Take the price of the regular setup and multiply by 1.15 for a clear glass tank/stand combo; or by 1.2 for a Starphire tank/stand combo.

We also offer fully plumbed barebones and turnkey reef-ready systems.

Need a custom size? Need tank or stand only? Need plumbing and sump? Ask for pricing through our Contact Form.


• Eurobraced design

• High-quality 1/2" glass all around -- including the eurobrace

• Only true, patented Ultra-Clear Starphire used as the low-iron glass option

• Diamond-edge polish on all panels and braces

• Black silicone

• 1/8" or 1/4" hard PVC foam bottom pad which eliminates the need for any extra padding between aquarium and stand

• Back panel painted black (smoked glass upgrade available for the back)

• Bottom perimeter brace

• Reinforced vertical seams

• Double overlapping top brace

• Center back rectangular overflow box with 3-5 holes

• Synergy overflow tanks come with (2) 3/4" returns drilled in the corners of back panel (suggested positioning around 4" away from the edge)


Prices include nationwide shipping (continental only -- HI and AK must be custom quoted) with pick-up at carrier's freight terminal. Residential curbside delivery rates can be provided upon your request. Please submit your desired tank size and zip code through our Contact Form.


For your viewing panels, choose from clear glass or patented Ultra-Clear Starphire glass. Clear glass is sometimes called "green glass" due to the slight green tint which gets more pronounced as the thickness of the glass increases. (Learn more about glass.)


For maximum longevity of your tank, we recommend double overlapping glass bracing. Cross braces are required for longer tanks. Additionally, a bottom perimeter brace is used on all standard tanks to reinforce the bottom seam.


• With an internal overflow box, drain and return holes are drilled in the bottom of the tank and the plumbing is contained under the stand. You choose the placement of the box (center back, corner, offset).

• With an external overflow, drain and return holes are drilled on the back panel of the tank and the top portion of the plumbing runs between the tank and the wall behind it. Our default external overflow is the 16" Synergy Shadow, which is rated for up to 2,500 GPH and is sufficient for tanks up to 250 gallons. The Shadow overflow can be swapped out for another brand based on your needs. Eshopps Eclipse overflows are used as more compact options; Modular Marine overflows (up to 36" long, up to 3,600 GPH) can be used when a larger skimming area and larger turnover is required.


Hole pattern and size are customizable at no additional charge (3-5 holes total). The internal overflows have (2) pre-drilled 1.5" holes to accommodate 3/4" Loc-lines. 


Additional options (tempering, Starboard-lined bottom, smoked glass instead of painted back panel, metal bracing, metal frame inside the stand, etc.) are available -- please inquire about the cost through our Contact Form.


Although we offer a wide variety of styles and finishes, the two main price groups for the stands are Modern (flush-front stands) and Traditional (stands with moulding and panel doors). Learn more about our stand styles here. The pricing is shown for Modern stand styles; Traditional styles are $200-500 extra depending on size.


Crystal Dynamic aquariums are covered by a 1-year warranty (2 years if purchased and used with our stand). Please refer to our User Manual for the rules and best practices of aquarium handling and maintenance.