Easy-Reef PRO Aquarium System: 100 Gallons

Easy-Reef PRO Aquarium System: 100 Gallons

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The Easy-Reef PRO EDITION is the fourth generations of our Easy-Reef systems. Just like all Easy-Reefs, it is fully built in the USA, and uses American materials and no metric measurements or parts. Learn more about Easy-Reef Aquarium Systems here.

This PRO version of the Easy-Reef combines all the ultimate features, namely: 

- an epoxy coated steel frame that provides the optimal structure for the wood stand (optional - $700 more);

- doors on all 3 sides of stand and electric panel included;

- a reinforced tank with perimeter bottom brace and reinforced vertical seams (and the option to include a reinforced Starboard bottom and a top eurobrace);

- a space-saving external overflow (Modular Marine or Synergy Reef Shadow);

- a state-of-the-art Bashsea Smart sump which can be used both with sock filtration and the refugium-centered Triton method;

- bean animal style plumbing with Spears valves and unions (available in both 1" and 1.5" piping).


•  Dimensions: 48"x24"x20" (LxWxH) 

•  Rimless tank with Starphire glass on the three viewing panels and blacked-out back panel

•  1/2" glass thickness on all panels

•  Diamond-edge polish on all panels

•  Built-in reinforcement features: bottom perimeter brace and reinforced vertical seams

•  Black silicone

•  Black PVC foam bottom pad makes the tank stand-ready

•  External overflow with either 1" or 1.5" drains


•  Quality American-made hard plumbing with Spears valves, unions, and Sch. 80 fittings

•  (3) 1" or 1.5" drains: main, secondary and emergency

•  (1) 1" return that splits into two and narrowed down to (2) 3/4" Loc-line return jets 4" away from the corners of back panel


•  36” tall wood or steel+wood stand (no MDF used ever)

•  Several pricing levels to choose from when you are going with the steel frame: basic magnetic skin; modern style wood wrap (Cardiff, Solana, Sydney); traditional style wood wrap (Malibu, Shaker)

•  Upgrade to stainless steel hinges if desired

•  Choose a paint (Black Satin, Charcoal Gray Satin, White Semi-Gloss) or a variety of stains (Espresso, Brown Mahogany, Bordeaux, Driftwood, Antique Cherry, color matched custom stain) for your finish

Sump / ATO Container

Included is your choice of either the 30"x18"x16" or 36"x15"x16" Bashsea Smart sump. This sump can be used with sock filtration, or with a simple modification, you can convert the first chamber to a refugium which will give you an 11 to 12 gallon refugium volume (consistent with Triton recommendations for a 100 gallon tank). Optional matching ATO container available at additional cost.

Additional Options

Extend your stand so that plumbing goes into a cutout in the deck of the stand: +$120

Extend your stand + get a removable half-box that hides all plumbing from view: +$300

Add frosted plastic panels to the 4 doors: +$320

Add smoked glass panels to the 4 doors: +$400

Contrast white paint on the interior of the stand (all stands except white): +$180

Add acrylic drip tray to the bottom of the stand: +$200

Re-configure your system for a peninsula layout: +$250

Add eurobrace to tank: +$125 

Replace painted back panel with smoked glass: +$160

Add custom screen lid for top of tank (please note: screen lids are made by a third party manufacturer and have an extended lead time): +$310

Add return pump (we will hard-plumb it into the system for you): see drop-down menu for choice of pumps 

Add skimmer: see drop-down menu for choice of skimmers

Add any of your custom suggestions (alternate hole sizes, different light, pump or skimmer brands you prefer) in the Custom Notes section.


• Save $110 by going with internal overflow

• Save $700 by going with bare steel stand that can be skinned with magnetic panels later on in your build

• Save $200 by having the stand shipped to you with a lightly-sanded, unfinished skin (apply the finish yourself)

• Save $300 by picking up from our Oceanside, CA shop


Crystal Dynamic aquariums are covered by a 1-year limited warranty (2 years if purchased and used with our stand; 5 years if purchased and used with our metal stand). Please refer to our User Manual for the rules and best practices of aquarium handling and maintenance.