3025 Industry Street Suite B
Oceanside, CA 92054

Crystal Dynamic was started in 2014 on the foundation of Leemar, a prominent West-coast aquarium manufacturer. Our crew members have 20+ years experience in aquarium and stand building, and we combine that experience with a constant drive for innovation. We strive to provide the hobbyist community with premium-grade, reliable glass aquariums and aquarium cabinetry in both standard and custom sizes. Our builds vary from 20 to 800 gallons and only use high-quality, American-made materials and components.

Making Beautiful Tanks

Because reef, fish and planted tanks often become the centerpiece of the owner's home, we place a lot of value on the physical appearance of the aquarium. Crystal Dynamic tanks feature diamond-polished edges on all sides, including the eurobrace, and clean, tidy seams. For our low-iron glass option, we only use patented and trademarked Ultra-Clear Starphire glass, which offers higher clarity and uniformity than many other low-iron options. 

Safety Features

If there is one thing we value more than an attractive appearance, it is safety. We do extensive testing and track our aquariums' performance "in the real world" to see how the math of aquarium building stands up to actual conditions of use. This is the reason we use thicker glass on our builds than many other competitors, and offer a wide array of safety features, such as a double overlapping top brace, steel brace, bottom eurobrace, composite bottom, and reinforced seams. 

We water test most of our custom builds and selectively water test our standard sizes; if you want your particular tank to be water tested (regardless of size) all you have to do is ask.

96x25x20 Rimless Starphire Aquarium