Cole Bartiromo Signs Deal for Web Series, Features CDA Tank



8/30/2020 - Orange County, California

COLE BARTIROMO:  The headline-making news figure, whose life story reminds people of "Catch me if you Can" & "Wolf on Wallstreet" blockbusters, will now have a Youtube web series. Let's look at the crazy timeline of events that led up to this breakthrough. 

Since 2010, when Cole Bartiromo emerged from federal prison, he's been on a mission to make positive headlines for himself as well as follow in the footsteps of Maria Bartiromo, who he would watch on CNBC's "Morning Bell with Maria Bartiromo" every morning before school. He admired seeing his family member on TV, despite having never met, but always being told by his Aunt & Father that she was a baby when they were almost teens & that was the last time before their side of the family moved to California. She was called the "money honey" for her stock market / financial news reporting, & Cole would soon make a name for himself in high school. First, by finding a rare Tiger Woods card in a kids magazine & selling it for six-figures in a private auction & being put on ESPN. Then, with his father taking all of the money to hold for his sisters & his college tuition funds, he was given just $5,000 to play with in a stock account. Within a month, Cole turned it into $100,000, but the law would begin coming after Cole non-stop for the rest of his teens. The SEC said you are not allowed to buy a stock & then hype it up on message boards with speculations. While settling that case, Cole launched a gambling investment website called Invest Better 2001, where he promised risk-free guaranteed returns to investors. People gave Cole $750,000 to bet on sports, & eventually the SEC heard about this online sports betting investment service that was promising risk-free returns, they tracked down the owner to none-other then the underage, 17 year old high school student Cole Bartiromo. Front page headlines around the country & beyond! His persona "Dollar Scholar" was born, & rivaling his second cousin's! By the time the SEC came knocking again, the sports betting account had $1.6 million in it. Despite the huge profits, no loss to investors, no restitution, the government got a $1.3 million dollar civil penalty imposed against Cole to make headlines & deter copycats. Cole was made into a sacrificial lamb. Cole had a gambling addiction & the government tag-teamed against him with the IRS being sent next - claiming the money the SEC took was income, & thus, taxable. Cole owed six figures in taxes, & a $1.3 million dollar civil penalty, & fresh out of high school feeling overwhelmed in massive debt. This led to him thinking he could quickly borrow $400,000 from a stranger's bank account without their knowledge, with the help of a bank teller friend, & he would double the money by betting on sports, & return the original $400,000. However, despite backing out, he was entrapped, & ultimately arrested by the Secret Service & eventually sentenced to 33 months in federal prison. 

When Cole got out, he went on a public speaking circuit at universities & high schools, & worked 9 to 5 office jobs for companies, until launching, carving a niche for himself by reporting on aspects of news stories that were not being published by the mainstream media - usually the identity of underage killers, or lottery winners that were trying to stay anonymous, or other characters of news stories that for whatever reasons the mass media were not naming or identifying. Quickly, Dateline NBC put Cole & his news website in one of their specials on a story he investigated exhaustively & had obtained exclusive content for. 

A year into NewsBall, Donald Trump announced his run for presidency. Instantly it was clear to Cole that Trump embodied the same style of NewsBall - unfiltered, anti-PC, unapologetic! By 2016, Cole wanted the soon-to-be-President's attention, & got it by bringing a $500 bill to a rally. Trump's reaction went viral, & after, from high to low, Cole was attacked by a rioting mob that had already vandalized a police car & trashed the city of Costa Mesa. Once again, Cole Bartiromo was front page news - on the cover of the NY Post, & being interviewed for Inside Edition & others. Cole would get an in-depth meeting with Trump at the next rally, was called a "tough cookie" for taking a punch for supporting Trump, & had his $1,000 bill signed. At yet another rally, Cole impressed Trump with a gold bar for him to sign. We mention these encounters because as of this writing, Cole is currently doing a publicity stunt to get President Trump's attention for a pardon of his 2003 federal conviction before he leaves office. 

So there should have been no doubt that this crazy headline-making colorful character of a guy would end up with camera crews filming him. He wants to be a contributor or guest for Fox News / News Max eventually, & at the rate he's going, it seems a safe bet. For now, CDA looks forward to their tanks being talked about on one of his upcoming episodes of his youtube series, which will be at 

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