Easy-Reef Systems by Crystal Dynamic Aquariums

Our Easy-Reef aquarium systems come in a variety of sizes and are equipped with all the barebones essentials: wood stand, acrylic sump & professional plumbing kit. You can use them with your existing equipment, or have us build up to a turnkey system complete with components, lights, Apex controller, and more.

For the components, we rely on our tried and tested partners such as Trigger Systems, Synergy Reef, Kessil, Eshopps, and others. The setups you find on the website are the systems we ourselves use in the shop and at home -- but you are welcome to make your own suggestions on the design, or substitute equipment. As a result, you get a system that is built with premium-quality components and expertly organized -- but most importantly, totally custom-fit to you: offering only the things you want and nothing you don't!

Each Easy-Reef Includes:

  • A rimless or eurobraced Starphire tank with multiple customization options (internal or external overflow, regular or peninsula layout, optional smoked glass back)
  • A hardwood plywood, no-MDF stand built in one of our many available styles, custom stained or painted, with many optional features such as side doors and an electric compartment. Stand comes fully built - no assembly required
  • A high-end acrylic sump complete with either durso or bean animal plumbing & U.S.-made quality fittings

100 gallon Easy-Reef aquarium system with Apex controller

The Easy-Reef comes in two main setups: BASIC and ADVANCED

  • BASIC: Uses durso style plumbing and offers fewer customization options. Only available with black or white Del Mar stand, white PVC/fittings, and Crystal sump by Trigger Systems
  • ADVANCED: Comes with bean animal plumbing and multiple customization options (choice of stand style and finish, choice of sump and plumbing color, upgrade to Synergy overflow and Apex-equipped system)
  • On the larger sizes we are now coming out with ADVANCED Synergy Edition, which on top of everything else feature the state-of-the art Synergy Reef sumps.

With the exception of a few in-stock options, all of our Easy-Reef systems are made-to-order and can easily be upgraded to peninsula style. With the peninsula style, the two long and one short panel of the tank become the viewing panels, and the stand has doors on both long sides.