Easy-Reef Systems by Crystal Dynamic Aquariums

Our Easy-Reef aquarium systems come with aluminum/wood stand, acrylic sump & professional plumbing kit. You can use them with your existing equipment, or have us build up to a turnkey system complete with components, lights, Apex controller, and more.

In short, the Easy-Reef is a system with premium-quality components that is totally custom-fit to you: offering only the things you want and nothing you don't. Moreover, because each system is built from scratch, you can have a +/- 2" size variation in the Length or Width dimension at no extra charge!

Each Easy-Reef Includes:

  • A rimless or eurobraced Starphire tank with multiple customization options (internal or external overflow, regular or peninsula layout, optional smoked glass back, Starboard bottom and reinforcement features)
  • A plywood/solid wood, no-MDF stand built in a variety of styles, custom stained or painted, with many optional features such as extruded aluminum support structure, side doors and an electric compartment. Stand comes fully built - no assembly required
  • A high-end acrylic sump complete with professional bean animal plumbing & U.S.-made quality fittings

100 gallon Easy-Reef aquarium system with Apex controller

The Easy-Reef comes in two setups: ADVANCED and PRO

    • ADVANCED: Comes with wood stand, basic rimless tank, Trigger Systems sump, multiple customization options and 2-year warranty
    • PRO: Combines all the ultimate features: extruded aluminum frame, structurally reinforced aquarium, state-of-the-art Bashsea sump, multiple customization options and 5-year warranty

All of our Easy-Reef systems are made-to-order and can easily be upgraded to peninsula style. With the peninsula style, the two long and one short panel of the tank become the viewing panels, and the stand has doors on both long sides.