Express Pipeline & Discounts

Over the years, we've found the range of our customers' requirements can be very different. Some come to us for just the tank, others for a comprehensive, plug-and-play system and, in some cases, installation service. 

Starting November 2019, we are introducing separate, very distinctive production pipelines based on the scope of work for each particular order. The goal is to help customers form more accurate expectations of lead times, as well as to "reward" products with shorter build times with discounts.

Our EXPRESS PIPELINE will accept orders for standard (1/2" thick glass) tanks without any base or with a steel-frame base. You can expect 6-8 week turnaround on these orders; additionally, they will more often then not be subject to one type of promotion or other. Even if you don't see a promotional offer posted on our website, reach out to us personally and ask about EXPRESS PIPELINE discounts. Chances are we will be able to work something out!

Our REGULAR PIPELINE will accept all other orders. This includes tanks with wood cabinetry or steel frames wrapped in wood; tanks with non-standard layouts (dropdown, L-shape, corner tanks, etc.); tanks made with 3/4" thick glass or smoked glass; and complete pre-plumbed systems. Our average lead time for these orders will be between 10 and 18 weeks, with some variation based on the complexity of the build.