Metal Aquarium Stands

An aquarium stand is the foundation that supports an extremely heavy body of water in the middle of your home. Improper support, uneven or out-of-level stand or floor surface is the single primary reason for fish tank failures. Knowing that, our craftsmen build stands with all the necessary structural elements that help keep you aquarium level and safe.

An expertly built wood stand will most likely support your tank for quite some time; however, even a well-executed wood structure can settle, shrink, and/or warp over the years, or conform to an uneven floor. These eventualities are all but eliminated with metal stands. That is why we offer a 5-year warranty on tanks purchased with our metal stands (compared to a 2-year warranty on tanks purchased with our wood stands).

Our go-to, tried and tested solution are welded carbon steel stands which are coated in submersion-grade protective epoxy primer which protects the steel much more efficiently than powder coating.


Please refer to the metal stand product page for pricing.

Our metal stands can be purchased with and without wood wrap. For wood wrap designs, please check our Stand Styles page and the respective product page.