Stainless Steel Stands

An aquarium stand is the foundation that supports an extremely heavy body of water in the middle of your home. Improper support, uneven or out-of-level stand or floor surface is the single primary reason for aquarium failures. Knowing that, our craftsmen build stands with all the necessary structural elements that help keep you aquarium level and safe.

Stainless Steel aquarium Stand

One of the key structural elements we promote in the hobby is metal frames inside the stand, which guarantee against sagging or warping over time. There isn't a system that wouldn't benefit from a metal foundation, but we recommend that you specifically consider a metal frame for tanks taller than 25" and larger than 200 gallons. For tanks 30" tall and larger than 300 gallons, we think a metal stand should be mandatory. Generally, the taller the tank, the more pressure it will be subjected to, and the more reason to invest in a metal frame.  

Currently our most commonly offered metal stand is made with carbon steel protected by an epoxy coating. Carbon steel stands can be easily equipped with leveling feet and tabs, they also work well with magnet-mounted panels.

Stainless steel stands are also available by request, but there is an very significant cost premium that may or may not be justified based on your particular application. We do not include leveling feet and tabs on these stands, and they won't work with magnets.

Our stands can be purchased with and without wood wrapping, in both a rough and premium finish.

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