Stand Styles

PLEASE NOTE: STARTING 2020 WE WILL ONLY BE OFFERING METAL-FRAME STANDS. The stand styles described below still apply, but they will be wrapped around a metal (welded steel or aluminum) frame.

We offer two main lines of stand styles: Modern and Traditional.  

The Modern styles (Cardiff, Solana, Brighton and Sydney) are characterized with simple, straight lines, and flush surfaces without any moulding. Cardiff and Solana yield well to paint (Black, White, Charcoal Gray), while the Sydney with its beveled edges look well both when finished in paint or stain. Cardiff and Solana can be made with flush or recessed top deck; Sydney is only available with recessed deck (i.e., a lip around the bottom seam of the tank). The Brighton stand is our newest addition in the Modern stand family. 



Our Traditional styles (Malibu and Shaker) feature a more intricate design with moulding. The Malibu is the more traditional of the two, with crown moulding and raised panel doors. The Shaker, with its square trim and straight lines will also fit a contemporary decor. Both styles yield well to both paint and stain.