Custom acrylic sump

72"x26"x20" Monster Sump

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State-of-the-art acrylic sump by Zen Reef in red and white. Dimensions: 72"x26"x20". Adjustable water level. White lids. Built-in ATO. Drain area located in the back, overflows into the sock chamber and the refugium.

Chambers (overall dimensions -- the actual openings of the chamber with the brace factored in are 1.5" smaller in both length and width):

• Sock chamber for three 7" socks

Coral frag rehabilitation chamber / media chamber: 9"x19"

Skimmer chamber: 20"x19"

Return chamber: 8"x19"

Refugium chamber: 12"x19"

ATO: 9"x26"


If you plan on purchasing this sump with our tank and stand, we can design and pre-assemble the plumbing using either white or red PVC pipe and white (Sch. 40) or gray (Sch. 80) hardware. Example of plumbing can be seen on one of the pictures to the left. Please inquire about the cost of pre-assembled plumbing via email