Easy-Reef LEAN Aquarium System: 60 Gallon

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What is Easy-Reef LEAN

Our Easy-Reef aquarium systems are the most customizable reef-ready aquarium system on the market. However, if you stick to a few standard features, and go with simple components and a lean-and-mean design, you can save more than a couple bucks!

Our LEAN system setups feature left-corner overflows (the most efficient layout for straightforward plumbing), and basic Del Mar stands in either black or white. For filtration, these are equipped with a minimalistic, but functional 24"x14"x16" Eshopps R-100 refugium sump.

You can drive the price down even further by picking clear-glass options for your aquarium sides.


•  Dimensions: 36"x20"x20" (LxWxH)

•  Rimless tank with low-iron glass on the three viewing panels and blacked-out back panel (clear-glass options available to save on cost)

•  All panels are 1/2" thick glass with diamond-edge polish

•  Black silicone

•  Black 1/8" thick hard PVC foam bottom pad (stand-ready)

•  Black acrylic overflow box with cover, positioned in left corner of tank

Plumbing - BASIC setup

•  U.S. standard hard plumbing -- white PVC pipe and white Sch. 40 fittings

•  Durso style: (1) 1" drain and (1) 3/4" return that splits into (2) 1/2" Loc-line returns on top of overflow box

•  Additional 1" emergency drain can be added (requires larger overflow box size)


•  36” tall maple plywood stand (no MDF used ever)

•  Del Mar stand style

•  Black satin finish (upgrade to semi-gloss white available for $100)

Sump / ATO Container

•  A 24"x14"x16" Eshopps R-100 refugium sump is included with the system

•  A 5-gallon clear ATO container is available ($100 extra)

Additional Options

Upgrade to Eshopps Eclipse S basic external overflow (includes 1 drain and 1 emergency): +$90

Upgrade to Eshopps Eclipse L bean animal external overflow (includes 2 drains and 1 emergency): +$110

Upgrade to bean animal plumbing system (white-PVC piping and all necessary valves and fittings): +$120

Re-configure your system for a peninsula layout: +$150

Add eurobrace to tank: +$95 (eurobrace can be flush or recessed by 1/4" or 1/8")

Replace painted back panel with smoked glass: +$120

Add return pump (we will hard-plumb it into the system for you): see drop-down menu for choice of pumps 

Add skimmer: see drop-down menu for choice of skimmers

Add any of your custom suggestions (alternate hole sizes, different light, pump or skimmer brands you prefer) in the Custom Notes section


Crystal Dynamic aquariums are covered by a 1-year warranty (2 years if purchased and used with our stand). Please refer to our User Manual for the rules and best practices of aquarium handling and maintenance.