In-Stock: 100 Gallon Easy-Reef ADVANCED Aquarium System

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This overstock 100 gallon system is ready to ship.  ALSO AVAILABLE ON CUSTOM ORDER IN MULTIPLE SIZES. Learn more about Easy-Reef Aquarium Systems here.


•  Dimensions: 48"x24"x20" (LxWxH)

•  Rimless tank with low-iron glass on the three viewing panels and blacked-out back panel

•  All panels are 1/2" thick glass with diamond-edge polish

•  Black silicone

•  Black 1/8" thick hard PVC foam bottom pad (stand-ready)

•  Black acrylic overflow box with cover, positioned center back or in the corner 

Plumbing - ADVANCED setup

•  Quality American-made hard plumbing with Spears valves and unions

•  1" blue PVC plumbing kit with gray Sch. 80 fittings

•  Bean animal style: (3) 1" drains and (1) 1" return that splits into (2) 3/4" Loc-line returns on top of overflow box

•  Purchase without the plumbing kit if you don't need it


•  36” tall maple plywood stand

•  Stand style: Solana, flush deck, NO SIDE DOORS

•  Push-latch doors

•  Stand is currently unfinished and can be painted black, white, or custom color

Sump / ATO Container

•  If purchasing with sump, choose from 34" Sapphire sump or 34" Triton method sump by Trigger Systems

 •  Clear or matching color ATO container available



Crystal Dynamic aquariums are covered by a 1-year warranty (2 years if purchased and used with our stand). Please refer to our User Manual for the rules and best practices of aquarium handling and maintenance.