Stand Only

Improper support (uneven or out-of-level stand or floor surface) is the single primary reason for fish tank failures. Knowing that, our builders make stands with all the necessary structural elements that help keep you aquarium level and safe.

An expertly built wood stand will most likely support your tank for quite some time; however, even a well-executed wood structure can settle, shrink and warp over the years or conform to an uneven floor.

Steel stands, on the other hand, are highly resistant to these misgivings. That is why we offer a minimum 5-year warranty on tanks purchased with our steel stands. While we previously offered wood-structure stands (and covered the associated tanks with a 2-year warranty), they have since been completely eliminated from our product lines. We still do offer solid wood exteriors, but they are always wrapped around welded steel frames.

Our welded steel stands come coated with rust-resistant primer which provides the same level of protection as powder coating. Powder coating is also available at an additional cost.

For wood wrap designs, please check a gallery of our select stand styles or visit our sister site, SoCal Custom Furniture.

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