Materials & Appearance


A practice not widely known to hobbyists is American-based companies importing tanks from China and stamping their logo on these mass-produced items without ever having worked on a single seam. This is not the CDA way.

Our tanks are custom-made from scratch at our facility in Oceanside, CA. We use, almost exclusively, American-made components and materials. Our regular-clarity glass comes from Pilkington, and our low-iron tanks are made exclusively with true, patented Starphire Ultra-Clear glass by Vitro. Our cabinets are built completely in-house, using U.S. steel and both U.S. and imported wood. One significant exception to the use of American-made materials are our water-resistant laminated panels, which are an innovative and sustainable material from Italy.

We pride ourselves on treating each tank with extreme attention and care and pursuing the cleanest, most perfect look for each build. We allow 48 hours after receipt of tank to claim and report any visual imperfections or any aesthetic concerns. If you are not happy with the appearance of your tank and report it within this time frame, a return/refund will be processed no questions asked.