Tank & Stand Sets

We recommend that you purchase your CDA fish tank with our steel frame. The reason is simple: we believe the proper tank support matters, and this is reflected in our warranty policy. 

Stand-alone CDA tanks are covered by a strict 1-year policy. Tanks sitting on top of our steel frames have a 5 to 15 year warranty (depending on tank design). 

When buying a tank and stand set, you have many options. The open steel frame is best for those hobbyists who feel confident in making their own wood wraps or skins for the stand. The LAGUNA line of stands offers a cost-efficient design with a mixture of hinged and magnet-mounted water-resistant panels. The DEL MAR line of stands is a bit higher in cost as it features a more complex design. At the top of the cost range are wood-wrapped stands, which are made with solid birch or maple and mimic "normal" wood cabinets in everything but interior structure. Not presented in this section, but available for viewing in our picture gallery are custom-priced wood-wrapped stands made with individualized designs and materials (alder, walnut, zebrawood, curly maple, etc.) to satisfy the most discerning of tastes.

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