Specials & Discounts


The IN-STOCK/SPECIALS selection is made up of fully or partially in-stock items that are available at a discount. These are mostly items that were made to the wrong spec or size, and items built from overstock pieces of glass. 

Most are ready to ship within a week. No modifications are available on the in-stock items, other than adding extra items to the order (wood wrap, canopy, etc.)

Once the IN-STOCK SPECIALS are sold, they are gone – we cannot honor the discounted special price on new custom order items. However, if you are flexible in your dimensions, feel free to reach out to cdafishtanks@gmail.com and check if we are overstocked on certain sizes of glass; we might be able to offer a discount on a new build if that glass is utilized!

All overstocked items are covered by the same CDA Warranty as our made-to-order tanks.


Items displayed at aquarium shows are available for pre-sale at a discount. You must be ready to transport the tank from the show floor immediately after the end of the show. Reach out to us to inquire about our participation in any of the upcoming fish shows in your area.  


Order stand with no finish (paint/stain yourself or hire a local handyman) and SAVE $400-$900, depending on size.

Split payment option (50% deposit, 50% prior to shipping) is available for all custom tanks, as well as specials and in-stock items. Please reach out to cdafishtanks@gmail.com to have your payment split in half.

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